Important Questions to Ask Your Child’s Orthodontist About Braces

Important Questions to Ask Your Child’s Orthodontist About Braces

 When your child’s orthodontist recommends braces for your child, it’s understandable that your little one will have questions. To help them understand what is going to happen, there are some important questions to ask your child’s orthodontist first.

Most people are fine with seeing a dentist a couple of times a year. But some people might need to have special services provided by orthodontic care specialists. These specialists are in demand when someone has an overbite, an under-bite, a cross-bite or they need their teeth aligned to fix any crowding or spacing issues. These doctors are known as Orthodontists, and they spend an additional 2 to 3 years after dental school to treat orthodontic problems. This means you’re going to have to spend a little extra money and make more trips to the office. If you’re going to be making this investment of time and money, you want to make sure you’re making the right decision. We’ve compiled a few questions to ask your child’s orthodontist to help you make that decision.

What is Your Experience?

It’s important to know what orthodontic program your child’s orthodontist has attended. This can help you make a decision to find the right specialist. Some universities offer a 2 year certificate in orthodontics while others offer a more comprehensive 3 year post doctorate master degree in orthodontics. It is also important to know how many years of practical experience they have. Dr. Lupini attended the University of Michigan for his DDS degree (graduating top in his class) and his post-doctorate MS degree in orthodontics. Dr. Lupini has over 20 years of private practice experience. He also has experience teaching in the graduate orthodontic department at University of Michigan. Ask if they’re members of the AAO because only dentists who have completed the required training can join. Use the AAO website to look for certified orthodontists in your area and to check on those doctors’ experience. If you know anyone who wears braces, don’t be afraid to ask them for recommendations as well.

What Are Your Hours?

You most likely have a busy family. No one can afford to miss a lot of class or work. It’s a good idea to find an orthodontist who will be regularly available during the week and even after hours in case of an emergency. Many orthodontists have children as their main base of clientele, so they should have hours that work around their needs. Finding a specialist that will work around your schedule will make sure that there isn’t anything that will interfere with your appointment. It also makes sure that you and your family get the care you need. Dr. Lupini lives locally and offers more appointment times than other orthodontists who have other distant offices and commute.

What Are My Options?

Ask questions about what options are available to you. Your child might be unhappy about having braces on their teeth and you are worried about how they will feel. Luckily, traditional braces aren’t the only choice you have. There are less visible tooth-colored braces as an option as well. Additionally, there are clear aligners that could work.

How Long Will it Take?

 This is the question on every child’s mind. “How long will I need to wear these things?” The length of treatment is usually about two years. However, this can be longer in some cases. Make sure that you also ask your orthodontist how often they want to see your child. When you know how many times a year you have to visit your doctor will help your child understand the process and the progress they are making. No matter what your agreement is, your teen will have to take care of their teeth in order to make this process go smoothly. Ask your orthodontist if they recommend a fluoride rinse for added protection.

Will There Be Tooth Extraction?

There are some instances where patients might need to have a teeth extracted in order to make room for their new smile. It’s not common, but it is sometimes a necessary part of the process. Ask your orthodontist for an explanation for why your tooth will need to be extracted and whether or not there are less invasive options on the table.

Will There be Pain?

There is technology available today that makes braces more comfortable than ever before. However, your teeth are moving, which means there will be a level of discomfort associated with that. With each visit, the braces will get tighter. However, the pain usually goes away within a few days.

What About a Retainer?

 As we age, our teeth shift. In many cases, a permanent retainer will be necessary after braces. You don’t want the teeth you just straightened out to shift out of position.

What is the Cost?

 Cost is still the most important part of talking to your child’s orthodontist about braces. There are different costs associated with different orthodontists, and sometimes that price difference doesn’t mean a change in the quality of care. If there are some quotes that are a lot lower or higher than others, take a second to ask them why. Find out if you will have to pay out of pocket if the treatment takes longer than anticipated, or if you will be charged an extra fee for each visit as well as the cost of the braces themselves. Before you start, you should know whether or not they accept your insurance and get a breakdown of how much you will be paying for the cost of the braces and retainers after braces. The more you are informed, the less likely it is that you will be surprised by your bill later on. Here at True Orthodontics, PC we offer GUARANTEED financing with an affordable monthly payment.

Questions to Ask Your Child’s Orthodontist

The decision to fit your child for braces isn’t an easy one, but it can be the decision that gives them the confidence to smile again. But before you rush into the office, make sure you write down these questions to ask your child’s orthodontist! If your child needs to pay a visit to the orthodontist, contact us today !

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