Teen Orthodontics

"True" Teen Orthodontics

Your teenager may have a heightened awareness of themselves during the teenage years. With gaps, crooked and possibly protruding teeth being more noticeable, it may become a concern.  Understanding that confidence and self-esteem may be the reason to begin treatment, Dr. Lupini also is aware that choosing the right treatment is just as important.

Beyond outward appearance, it is important that your teenagers bite and alignment are correct.  Insuring your teenager has lasting oral health in the future. We offer traditional, ceramic and clear aligner therapies. One or all may be an option. At your free orthodontic exam, Dr. Lupini will discuss the different options that are best for your teenager.

Invisalign Teen The Clear Alternative to Braces

What to watch for in my teenager?

Common problems that Dr. Lupini addresses in teen treatment is severe crowding and spacing, impacted or ectopic teeth, crossbite, open bite, deep bite, over bite, under bite, jaw growth imbalances, tooth or facial damage from accidents and protruding front teeth.

Parents should watch for and discuss the below common problems with Dr. Lupini. If you see any of these issues with your child, please make an appointment with Dr. Lupini as early as possible.

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