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Orthodontic Emergencies

orthodontic emergencies

A true orthodontic emergency can happen at any time. We encourage you to call our office if you are experienceing an emergency. Even when the office is closed we encourage you to. We always have an on call assistant who can answer your call and help you through your emergency or even meet you at one of our offices.

Mouth Sores

Mouth sores are not uncommon when you are starting your orthodontic treatment. This is not something you need to worry about. Mix a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of table salt and mix well. Rinse your mouth out several times a day until the sore is gone. If it lasts more than a couple days be sure to call the office. Although it is not uncommon, Dr. Lupini does not want you to suffer with sores more than a few days.

You can also go to your local pharmacy and purchase Peroxyl from Colgate. Peroxyl is an alcohol-free mouth sore rinse that promotes healing of oral irritations.

Lost Separators

A lost separator is not an emergency. It happens. Be sure to call our office on the next business day first thing in the morning. Sometimes we can have you come in first thing in the morning and place a new separator and have you to come back in the afternoon to complete your treatment.

Loose or Broken Bracket

broken bracket

Sometimes your bracket may become loose or broken over time. If this happens you can leave it alone as long as it is not hurting. Call the office on the next business day and let the receptionist know you will need a longer appointment next visit to have it put back on.

If you experience pain place a piece of wax over the bracket and call our office to speak with our on call assistant.

Loose or Poking Wire

poking wire

Call our office for immediate assistance if you are in pain and unable to fix any of these problems. If you have a loose wire that has come out of the bracket get a pair of tweezers and try and place it back in place. If you are not able to place it back in its place you can get a pair of nail clippers and clip the wire to the next bracket that is attached.

If your wire is poking your tissue try using the end of a pencil eraser and bend it away from your tissue. If you can reach it you can also use nail clippers and clip it.

When in doubt wax it! This should be able to blunt the end of the wire until you can come in and have us fix it for you.


Although emergencies are rare they can happen. Here at True Orthodontics we are here to make your orthodontic experience as comfortable as possible.  Please don’t hesitate to call one of our downriver locations. Wyandotte  734-282-4100 or Trenton  734-675-1170.

Serving the downriver communities.

What's in My Mouth?

During your orthodontic treatment you may have different types of appliances that correct the alignment of your teeth and jaw. While many of these dental appliances look similar they each do different functions to your teeth and jaw. Here is a breakdown of each appliance we may use during your treatment.



Orthodontic separators (commonly known as spacers) are rubber bands. Spacers are placed between the molars at the second orthodontic appointment, before molar bands are applied. These spacers create space between the teeth so we can place the molar bands. We try to schedule this appointment 1-2 days before your placement of molar bands appointment.

Molar Bands

Molar bands are thin metal rings which are placed on teeth for securing orthodontic attachments and appliances.

Palatal Expander


The benefit of receiving orthodontic treatment in childhood is the ability to take advantage of your child’s natural growth process to treat or even prevent malocclusions otherwise known as a bad bite. Using a palatal expander can do just that.

Palatal expanders create more space in a child’s mouth by gradually widening the upper jaw. Successful palatal expansion treatment is done before the child’s growth plate or midpalatal suture fuses – usually between ages 14 and 16.

Bite Plate  

A bite plate is designed to correct a deep bite (this occurs when the upper front teeth overlap the bottom front teeth an excessive amount). The removable, upper retainer has a special bite ramp built into the front to be worn all day and night.


The metal wire that is attached to the brackets and used to move the teeth. There are many different sizes that will be used during treatment.


The small metal, ceramic, or plastic attachment bonded to each tooth with a tooth-colored adhesive. The bracket has a slot that the orthodontic wire fits into.


Also known as rubber bands. During certain stages of treatment, small elastics or rubber bands are worn to provide individual tooth movement or jaw alignment. These elastics attach to an upper and a lower bracket.



A fixed or removable appliance worn after braces are removed or aligner therapy is complete. A retainer is fitted to upper and or lower teeth to hold them in their finished positions. When worn as prescribed, retainers are the best tool available to minimize unwanted tooth movement after active treatment ends.

Mouth Guard


A removable device used to protect the teeth and mouth from injury caused by sporting activities. The use of a mouth guard is especially important for orthodontic patients.  We have many color choices.

Clear Aligners


Clear removable appliances that are used to straighten teeth.


Are you worried you might have to wear headgear? Don’t worry you won’t! Dr. Lupini uses the latest technology that allows the movement of teeth and jaw without using bulky and uncomfortable headgear.

Please feel free to ask Dr. Lupini or the staff here at True Orthdontics any questions you may have regarding your treatment. Our office serves the downriver community.

Serving Trenton, Wyandotte, Taylor, Gibraltar, Riverview, Carleton, Brownstown, Grosse Ile, Southgate, Lincoln Park, Ecorse, River Rouge, Romulus, Flat Rock, Monroe, New Boston, and Huron Township.

For more information visit our website at wwwTrueOrthodontics.com and the  American Association of Orthodontics.

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